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Primary 3 Update April 14-17 2014

We had an awesome week discovering all there is to know about  flowers. Everyone participated in planting flowers in our earth boxes that are located on our outdoor work patio.  The second and third year students dissected azalea flowers. They took apart the flowers, located, discussed and made a chart , isolating each individual  flower… Read more…

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April 17, 2014

  This week beautiful Alaina has officially joined our class. She has had so much fun chasing after the older babies. It is a blessing to finally have her here with us. After spring break we welcome Rostan’s new baby sister, Lula Grey, and Riley. I know, Dylan is excited to have a friend close… Read more…

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Primary 3 Update April 7-11 2014

    4 Cubing Chain We had a week filled with beautiful Springtime weather! Our focus of study for the week was the life cycle of the plant. We planted lima bean seeds in clear cd cases so that we could watch the root go down in search of water, and the stem go up… Read more…

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April 11, 2014

Today I was so excited to find the replacement canopy for our deck that Jami, Jericho, and Christian Gause purchased. Thank you so much! The ice storms this winter had torn our canopy to shreds.  The room has been filled with giggles as the children are developing friendships. It is a wonderful sound. Christian is… Read more…

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Toddler 2 Ms. Kaye, Mrs. Jill, and Mary Catherine(MeMe)

Oh, how we love spring!!!  The children are running and jumping, and climbing on our new equipment!!!  We are so excited to have more space and more activities in our outdoor environment. Our sensory bins are a great hit!  We have ducks, turtles, noodles, and spaghetti in our bins along with objects for Practical Life… Read more…

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Primary 3 Update March 31-April 4 2014

We really had a wonderful week! Springtime has finally arrived. We officially reopened our outdoor classroom on our patio. It was so nice to be able to work and play without jackets.  We planted herbs and flowers in our earth boxes, planted a dogwood tree, and planted grass seeds in our springtime baskets. Everyone got… Read more…

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April 4, 2014

Our garden is planted; our sugar snap peas and green beans are sprouting. Dylan and her family gave our class a basil plant, a sage plant, two lavender plants, and a gift certificate to get some strawberry plants. Thank you. I know the children will enjoy the smells and tastes of the plants. It is… Read more…

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