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Toddler 2 Ms. Kaye, Mrs. Jill and Mary Catherine(MeMe)

Our Toddler Children are the BEST!!!  Laughter, smiles, some tears and “me… me…mine” moments truly make up this wonderful time in a two to three year old child.  They open their hearts to share their true love for learning.  They can also open their mouths to share the truth! They learn to help, share, communicate… Read more…

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Primary Update May 12-30 2014

In our final weeks of school we’ve been studying insects, amphibians, fish , mammals and birds.  During our amphibian unit we examined tadpoles frogs and toads and learned about their amazing transformation from a gill breathing, fish like animal,to a four legged, lung breathing animal that spends most, if not all of their time on… Read more…

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May 23, 2014

What an amazing school year full of growth and milestones. Ms. Rachel and I have been so delighted to be part of your children’s lives. Some of our friends will get to stay with us a little longer, and I am very happy about that. It is hard to be such a big part of… Read more…

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May 16, 2014

  Our new language lessons are going so well. The children really enjoy Christian’s family book. I’m excited to introduce Riley and Clara’s books on Monday. We are also working on animals and animal sounds, learning our classmate’s names, and parts of the body. We all love this weather, especially after the rain yesterday.  … Read more…

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Toddler 2 Ms. Kaye, Jill, and Mary Catherine(MeMe)

The sun, the ocean,  a cool breeze,  kites flying high in the sky and happy faces were all signs of MSPI Families having a wonderful time together!  Our third annual kite day was just the best!! We are getting closer to the end of school.  Children are still working and are now doing extensions of… Read more…

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Primary 3 Update May 5-9 2014

We had an amazing week learning all there is to know about butterflies and moths and observing our painted lady larva as they eat, grow, molt and spin silk . Our students are eagerly watching and waiting for the caterpillars to turn into their chrysalis’s and ultimately complete their metamorphosis and change in to butterflies…. Read more…

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May 8, 2014

  Tomorrow is The Annual MSPI Kite Day, 11:00 at the Litchfield Inn. Please try to make this event. It is a wonderful day at the beach and we should have beautiful weather too. I will pack to stay the entire day because my children never want to leave when they have their friends there… Read more…

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May 2, 2014

This week has been so much fun. We have two new students join our class, Lula Grey and Riley. Our children have the most beautiful lunches. Way to go parents! I know how much planning packing lunches everyday requires. It is a wonderful gift to give your children. They cannot choose the food you provide. It… Read more…

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