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September 20, 2015

  Currently, we are working on several language lessons. We are working pet animals, primary colors, and the names of family members and classmates. Montessori lessons are designed with extensions to accommodate varying levels of development or understanding. Chase and Ryan enjoyed getting to paint this week. Painting is an extension of our color language… Read more…

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Primary Class 2 September 14-18, 2015

During the past week, our Primary Class delved into the study of the four directions, the continents, and our oceans. Everyone loves learning about their place on Planet Earth! Map making was the favorite work of the week. On Wednesday, we had our first Art Class with Ms. Priscilla. We enjoyed getting to know her… Read more…

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Primary 3 September 8-11 2015

  Our class was well rested and happy to be back in school after the long Labor Day weekend. Color and art was the focal point of the week.Our students mixed primary colors to discover the resulting secondary colors. We took the art easel and paints outside to our work deck. Everyone enjoyed combining the… Read more…

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Primary 3 August 31- September 4, 2015

  Happy Labor Day Weekend! Primary 3 class had a great week together! Everyone is becoming accustomed to our class routine, loving new lessons, and enjoying ¬†friendships both new and established.The children absolutely love our beautiful outdoor work environment! The beautiful deck has more than doubled our classroom space. It is a wonderful learning atmosphere… Read more…

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Happy Labor Day Weekend

Happy Labor Day to all of our families and staff. I hope you are all able to enjoy a restful weekend with friends and family. We will see you all on Tuesday.         Tripp loved this sensory work yesterday! The dry pasta in the metal pan made some very loud noises, and… Read more…

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