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Dr. Maria Montessori believed that every child, from birth, has a desire to learn and explore. The Montessori philosophy of “following the child” fosters the individual’s natural curiosity. Characterized by quality, order, simplicity and beauty, the specially prepared Infant Environment is designed to give your baby the freedom to learn through his senses. Our staff of trained infant caregivers will lovingly and respectfully respond appropriately to your baby’s communication of needs. Moving freely in an attractive, safe space, Montessori infants experience support for a growing sense of self and independence. Our student/teacher ratio of 3:1 allows each child to develop trust as they build a bond with their assigned caregiver. For your peace of mind, state-of-the-art technology allows you to log in with a secure password and view your baby’s activities at any time during the day. Let us share in the privilege of protecting your precious little one, while providing learning opportunities during this critical time of development.

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What are the Benefits of a Montessori Infant Environment?

Allows for Free Movement

Encourages Gross and Fine Motor Development

Fosters Language Development

Encourages Positive Attachment and Trust (affects overall adult mental health and relationships)

Teaches Care of Self

Supports Body Awareness

Teaches Care of Environment

Aids Development of Empathy

Encourages Sensory Development

Provides Educated and Responsible Observation

Supports Social-Emotional Development

Supports Interactive Play

Recognizes the Importance of Sensory Integration

Appreciates the Sensitive Periods of Development (0 – 18+months)

  • Order
  • Music
  • Language
  • Touch
  • Precise movements
  • Independence
  • Refinement of senses
  • Tiny objects
  • Good manners


Classroom Updates

May 15, 2016

From the desk of Leigh Roper

I applaud all of you as parents. It isn’t easy to get up in the middle of the night, pack healthy lunches, wash bottles, work outside the home, and be emotionally available for your child. You make it look easy, and I know undoubtedly it’s not. This period of your child’s life passes so quickly…. Read more…

March 15, 2016

From the desk of Leigh Roper

The great weather and mild temperatures have allowed us to get outside every day this week. Please remember to apply sunscreen and bug spray each morning before school. You are welcome to send in an extra bottle of sunscreen and we can reapply if needed in the afternoon. Things are busy around here. We worked… Read more…

February 7, 2016

From the desk of Leigh Roper

    Hello parents, We have welcomed two new babies to our community, Wesley and Rockne. They are so very sweet and they are wonderful additions to our classroom. The older infants are learning to have gentle hands and are very aware and sensitive to the needs of their new friends. It seems like yesterday… Read more…

Happy Holidays 2015

From the desk of Leigh Roper

This Friday December 18, 2015, is our Annual Holiday Program. We are inviting all of our families and Santa Claus to join us at 8:30-9:30. Of course, our class will not performing. You are welcome to take your child to the Holiday Program, visit and take pictures with Santa Claus. Please enjoy our Community Celebration…. Read more…

Happy Thanksgiving

From the desk of Leigh Roper

  I want to wish all of our families a happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for the time and effort you made to help with our Thanksgiving Celebration. This was the first time we have ever invited our parents join us in our infant classroom for a meal. It is a wonderful memory and I think… Read more…

October 16, 2015

From the desk of Leigh Roper

Next week is parent teacher conferences. I am available before drop off, each morning with a 7:15 conference time, and each afternoon at 2:45. Please let me know if there is a morning or afternoon that works with your schedule. If this schedule doesn’t work for your family please let me know, and we will… Read more…

October 4, 2015

From the desk of Leigh Roper

      Good morning families. I hope you are all safe and dry with this crazy weather. Hopefully we are all taking this time to reconnect with our families and cherish this down time. It’s good for the children to be in their homes, without an agenda. It’s healthy for them to be with… Read more…

September 20, 2015

From the desk of Leigh Roper

  Currently, we are working on several language lessons. We are working pet animals, primary colors, and the names of family members and classmates. Montessori lessons are designed with extensions to accommodate varying levels of development or understanding. Chase and Ryan enjoyed getting to paint this week. Painting is an extension of our color language… Read more…

Happy Labor Day Weekend

From the desk of Leigh Roper

Happy Labor Day to all of our families and staff. I hope you are all able to enjoy a restful weekend with friends and family. We will see you all on Tuesday.         Tripp loved this sensory work yesterday! The dry pasta in the metal pan made some very loud noises, and… Read more…

August 28, 2015

From the desk of Leigh Roper

The beautiful renovations to the school are complete. Thank you for your patience.  We cannot wait to have a few nice days to get to use our deck area. Miles surprised me this week as he has become increasingly faster and more coordinated. He has actually figured out how to get himself up the steps… Read more…

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  • Island Wave Yoga
  • Cart-to-Class Lowes Food
  • Target Red Card
  • BiLo Hometown Educational Rewards
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  • Seaside Dermatology
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