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18 months – 3 years

Very young children are capable of absorbing information, concepts, and skills from their surroundings and peers. The toddler program nurtures curiosity, creativity, imagination and respect for self and others. Learning is developed through movement, manipulation, exploration, and building on sensory experiences. Our toddlers exercise order, coordination, and concentration through language and socialization skills as they develop a sense of trust in peers and adults.

Montessori Supporters

  • Candy Cottage
  • Redwine Counseling
  • Cart-to-Class Lowes Food
  • Island Wave Yoga
  • Fusion Capital
  • BiLo Hometown Educational Rewards
  • Interstate Batteries
  • Seaside Dermatology
  • Target Red Card
  • Burgeon Legal
  • Riverside Pediatrics
  • Steve & Jan Rabe