Toddler II Update!

Planting flowers is such a wonderful activity!  Getting our hands dirty in the soil as we plant, watering, and then seeing the beauty of our work makes us have happy hearts!! Thanks to everyone who shared flowers and soil with us!

We are just busy bees at this time! We have been mixing colors in shaving cream, counting numbers and objects, and learning about land, water, and air.

All of this work is keeping us very busy!

We are continuing to work on “GENTLE” hands with our friends and “using our words” to communicate with others. Sometimes this is difficult but WE CAN DO IT!!!

Concentration is so important. When your child is working, do not interrupt him/her (unless it is an emergency!) It is incredible to watch as a child is allowed to focus and concentrate on their work at hand. Try it!

Parent Teacher conferences are coming up. Watch for the dates.

Happy Spring!!!








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