About MSPI

Our Mission

To provide a safe Montessori environment that empowers and challenges children to achieve, and promotes independence, self-confidence, and the love of learning.

Founded in 1984, Montessori School of Pawleys Island is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization owned by parents and governed by an administrator and elected volunteer board of directors.

We are a true Montessori School

Montessori offers a unique approach to education where emphasis is placed on all five senses, not just listening, watching or reading. It is implemented using specially designed and constructed hands-on materials in a carefully prepared environment in which children are guided through a choice of activities from numerous possibilities. Utilizing a child’s natural tendency to learn by active participation, the Montessori method offers multiple levels of progress assuring that each child can learn at their own individual pace.

All of our lead teachers are certified by the American Montessori Society. In addition, MSPI has met the requirements as an Internship Site School in Elementary Teaching for ages six through nine.

Children are placed in three-year age groups allowing younger students to learn from older students, and older students to serve as mentors and reinforce their learning by teaching concepts they have already mastered. Montessori School of Pawleys Island offers three education programs:

Children can enter our school at any of these program levels.

What Makes Montessori Different?

  • Mixed-age classrooms
  • Work at own pace
  • Multi-sensory materials
  • Teachers as guides
  • Practical Life Skills
  • Global perspective

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