April 11, 2014

Today I was so excited to find the replacement canopy for our deck that Jami, Jericho, and Christian Gause purchased. Thank you so much! The ice storms this winter had torn our canopy to shreds.

 The room has been filled with giggles as the children are developing friendships. It is a wonderful sound.

Christian is about to take his first steps; Alex is getting all over the place and he is just so busy! Clara has decided to start using a spoon; Dylan is working on dressing and undressing herself! (It seems as though Dylan loves clothes as much as I do.)

 I love this fantastic weather and so do the babies. Please remember to apply sunscreen as you are dressing your children in the morning. We will continue to take them out early in the morning after snack, so they can enjoy the coolest portion of the day.

 I have only received pictures from one family. Please send along pictures of your immediate family for our language lesson. The book is turning out so pretty. I know they will love this lesson.



Look Clara is really enjoying our language corner.

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