April 17, 2014


This week beautiful Alaina has officially joined our class. She has had so much fun chasing after the older babies. It is a blessing to finally have her here with us.

After spring break we welcome Rostan’s new baby sister, Lula Grey, and Riley. I know, Dylan is excited to have a friend close in age. Riley visited our class Tuesday and she just fit right in with the rest of children as if she’s always been here.

Our class wishes everyone a wonderful holiday and spring break. Hopefully our nice weather will return to us next week.

Please remember to snap a few pictures over the holiday for our children’s family books.




Clara and Brittany

Brittany and Clara look amazing Monday morning.

Beautiful Alaina

Beautiful Alaina loves exploring our classroom.


Our own bundle of joy and entertainment, The Famous Alex!


Dylan’s kissy face. I love it!


Dylan said, “I’m sleepy look at this cozy place.”


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