April 2017

Hello Montessori Family,
As our infant program continues to grow, I find myself posting less frequently. I have been developing more personal relationships with our families. Each child is an individual and so very different than any other, my messages so rarely fit all of our parents.
Some messages are timeless. Be patient with your children, as soon as you think you have this stage mastered they will move on to the next. You might find yourself short on sleep, but trust me it will only last about a year. After that you’ll be missing those quiet dark hours you held that little baby, and what is so tiny won’t be tiny at all. At night I cover up my 11 year old son, who is nearly as tall as I am, just as I did when he was an infant. The love grows even bigger and stronger. I don’t know how but our hearts are capable of enormous amounts of love and compassion.
We have a couple sweet new friends this month, Beckett and Lang.
Please remember to apply bug spray and sunscreen each morning. We have been fortunate to spend more time outside recently as the weather has been lovely.

Ms. Leigh











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