August 2, 2015


The school renovations have prevented us from enjoying the outdoors temporarily, but we still enjoyed a few sensory lessons. The class enjoyed playing in the water table, and painting this week.
Chase and Lula Grey helped feed the fish and laughed at the fish darting all around to get food.
We are excited for Lula Grey’s transition to Toddler 1 this week. She is running and climbing, and ready for more gross motor opportunities than our class can provide. Her transition enables Conrad to be a leader and a role model for our newer and younger students. I’m certain Miles, Elijah and Tripp will be joining us at the table, soon.
Ryan and Chase have become rather comfortable with us, already. The routine is similar everyday so the children know what to expect from day to day, which helps to ease their transition. They have been sweet additions to our classroom community.


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