At MSPI our top concerns are the health and safety of students, families and staff. Below are some adjustments we have made to keep MSPI as safe as possible for everyone, and to remain open for our families.

Drop-off and Pick-up

Entry to our school is limited to children and staff only. Thank you for your understanding with this. Ideally, the same person should drop off and pick up your child every day and they must wear a mask.

  • For toddler & primary drop-off, please use the car line and stay in your car while a staff member helps your child from the car and walks them into the building. PLEASE REMAIN IN THE CAR LINE while we conduct a quick health check of your child. Once complete, we will signal to you to drive on if all is good.
  • All infants should be dropped off and picked up from the infant side door. Older siblings should be dropped off first through the car line at the front door.
  • Staggered pick-up times:
  • INFANT: 2:15 – 2:30 pm (side door)
  • TODDLER 1 and 2: 2 – 2:15 pm
  • PRIMARY: 2:15 – 2:30 pm
  • To pick up your toddler or primary child, please drive to the front door & staff will walk your child to you. As more cars join the line, it may be necessary for you to pull up parallel to the gate to our amphitheater. This will allow us to safely walk your child to your car. Please note that the person picking up is required to buckle the child in their car seat per state regulations.
  • When picking up or dropping off your child, PLEASE WEAR A MASK , limit interactions with others, and practice social distancing.

Daily Health Checks

One of the most important things we can do to keep us all safe is to check temperatures and symptoms every day.

At drop-off time, we will ask the parent or guardian about any symptoms of COVID-19 in their household within the last 24 hours, including:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath or trouble breathing
  • Chills
  • Muscle pain
  • Sore throat
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea

In time, we may require a signed note. Please bear in mind that symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure to the virus.

  • We will take each child’s temperature with a non-contact thermometer. Staff temperatures will also be taken upon arrival. Anyone with a temperature of 100° or above or any sign of illness may not stay at school and may not return until the fever is gone for 72 hours.
  • If a child or staff member becomes ill during the day with a high temperature (100° or above), dry cough, or shortness of breath, we will isolate them and notify their family to pick them up right away. We may apply a mask to a child if they are over two years old.

Social Distancing Measures

Social distancing does not come naturally to curious, energetic children, but we are building new practices to help reduce the spread of germs. We will enjoy lots of outdoor activities and play so that children can spread

  • Small, stable groups of children, “pods”, that stay together with the same staff throughout the day.
  • Designated seating spots.
  • At naptime, we will place cots and cribs 6 feet apart.
  • Separate outdoor playground areas so that children can remain in the same group.

Frequent Cleaning and Disinfecting

To eliminate the spread of germs, we will be washing hands and sanitizing surfaces and equipment multiple times throughout the day.

  • Children and staff will wash their hands upon arrival at school and frequently throughout the day. Hand sanitizer may be used when soap and water are not readily available, but only for children with adult supervision. While we appreciate donations of hand sanitizer to the school, please do NOT pack with your child as it must be kept out of all children’s reach.
  • At this time, only materials & toys that can be easily cleaned and sanitized will be used. We plan to clean and sanitize each before another child uses them.
  • We will be routinely cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and objects that are frequently touched (doorknobs, sink handles, playground structures, etc.)

Snack and Lunchtime Procedures

Instead of our usual family-style lunchtimes, we will be spreading out to minimize contact while eating. Weather permitting, we will eat outside.

  • Snacks will be provided by MSPI, with staff preparing individual servings for children.
  • We will use disposable plates and utensils for snacks and lunches.
  • Primary and toddler children should bring a filled water bottle (with water only) and a healthy packed lunch each day.
  • We ask that children finish breakfast before coming into school.

How Families Can Help Keep Everyone Safe

We appreciate your support and cooperation as we work together to protect everyone’s health.

  • Keep children at home who show any signs of illness. If in doubt, it is best to err on the side of caution.
  • Wear a mask at pick up and drop off times and please minimize your interactions with staff, other children and parents, and maintain distance from each other at school.
  • Apply children’s sunscreen & bug spray before school. Send stick sunscreen for faces and pump spray for body sunscreen. No OFF brand bug spray please due to an allergy at school. Best of all, please consider sun hats & long-sleeved cool clothes.
  • Plan to communicate with your child’s teacher via email, phone, or send a note. It will not be possible to speak directly with staff during the day, but you may always call the office, and we will share your message.
  • Clean and sanitize your child’s lunchbox & water bottle daily. Most lunchboxes are dishwasher safe.
  • Arrive on time each morning and follow your child’s designated pick up time.

What to Pack

Parents help us greatly when their child arrives with only the essentials for school.

  • No backpacks, books, jewelry or toys, please.
  • Ensure that your child has a minimum of two full changes of clothes at school every day.
  • Your child will need indoor shoes- lightweight slippers or crocs.

As for other schools and childcare centers across the globe, none of us have been through a pandemic before, but no one is doing it alone. We are here to help and support each other. Our staff is working proactively to shape our school’s “new normal” so that your child continues to enjoy the nurturing, caring environment they love at MSPI. Please reach out with any questions or concerns.

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