December Update

Your children are a delight to be around every day! They are hitting milestones and exploring their environment, and enjoying their friends. Beckett and Lang chased each other in circles this Thursday, making all of us giggle. It’s lovely to watch the children develop the desire to be with their friends. If you get a chance to watch, you’ll notice sometimes three or four of the children will all climb up on the round yellow cushion together. They are all such sweet children.

Community lunch with six of our classmates this week was a huge success. It’s been really long time since we have had so many at once to the tables. They do enjoy it. It strengthens their sense of community much like when we have dinner together as a family. It also allows some of the younger babies to model after the older ones at the table. It seems to help encourage children to try new foods.

Please send pictures of your immediate family. The children love this work! It is really tough when I only have books for one or two children because the others take them. Please send a picture of yourself, your spouse, other siblings, and your pets. Each picture needs just to be a picture of one person or animal. This is a very successful language work, so it is important to have one person or animal in each picture. It would be wonderful if I could get all of their books finished for them before the holiday. Selfies are actually perfect for this book, because it is exactly how your child sees you.

Most importantly please be sure to label all food items, bottles, and milk. Most often we will catch it in the morning, but if we don’t D.S.S. will have us throw away or dump anything that is unlabeled. This is for your child’s protection. We do appreciate your help.


Thank you for choosing our school! I love having these children with me each day.

Ms. Leigh


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