February 16, 2015


Every day last week was packed with fun. Our friends the squirrels came to eat at our bird feeder and preformed some pretty silly tricks. The children just love to sit and watch them.

Thank goodness it was warm enough to play outside in the beginning of the week. Even on cold days they ask to go outside. If they can’t yet say it, they will point to the door and we all understand. It breaks my heart when it’s too cold to take them outside.

We celebrated Valentine’s Day on Friday with some homemade play dough. It was a fun sensory and fine motor lesson too. Most of our class played with the play dough for 50 minutes. I was again impressed with their attention spans.

Within our classroom community we have an older group of toddlers, mobile infants, and now our tiny friend Hudson has joined us. The mobile infants are fascinated with the toddlers, and I’m sure one of them is about to walk any day. It is within the classroom community the children learn about emotions, empathy, nurture, and even a primitive form of sharing. This community of differing ages help to build confidence for the older children as they feel like leaders. The smaller children see the older ones either walking or using a spoon, and they try to emulate their actions. The most beautiful part is they love each other.

I am pleased to invite all of you to our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony this Thursday, at 10:00. MSPI has purchased the property and now owns our school and the grounds. The Chamber of Commerce will be here to help celebrate this event.

On Friday, I will be at the Montessori Conference in Litchfield. I am so thankful for the opportunity to attend this year’s MEPI conference. Thank you to our Board of Directors and our new director Ms. Lesley. I also want to thank my wonderful staff. I know our classroom will be just the same as if I was present. I owe a special thank you to Ms. Dolores, Ms. Shauna, Miss Rachel, Ms. Amy, and Ms. Kim. I wonder what new ideas I’ll come back with next week.

I hope you enjoy our pictures from this week.

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