February 2017

This has been an eventful new year! We adore our new friend Quincy. Her sweet personality has charmed all of us. Addison Paige is insistent she wants to hold and love on her, as we all do. Rick is busy exploring our classroom and following his friends around the room. It is precious to watch because he is just so proud of himself.
I’m finding that many of our children are very curious about each other’s foods. I’m thinking perhaps we could start a community snack for awhile and see how it works out. Austyn was kind enough to bring in fresh oranges to share last week, and the children loved them. If you are out and happen to come across something in season, or wish to prepare a fruit or vegetable to share please do. I have brought in fresh berries from time to time and they are a hit. We will be sure to log anything new on your child’s daily sheet, and we will be sure to ask you before presenting anything new. Of course, if you prefer we will not offer it to your child.









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