February 2019

Hello Families,

It is certainly a busy new year, with four sweet new additions to our classroom. We have enjoyed getting to know Andrew, Ellis, Gunner, and Sebastian and these boys have absolutely stolen our hearts.

Gunner is already starting to feed himself with a spoon and Katherine has joined us at the community lunch table. It has been eventful around here. Our dear friend Sutton has moved up to Toddler 1 and is in Miss Regi’s class.

As we continue our language work we are focused on parts of the body, animals and animal sounds, we are also talking about emotions and feelings. A few of our children are signing!

It is a wonderful milestone to have the children initiate play with their caregivers. It symbolizes a healthy relationship where the child not only trusts the caregiver but is comfortable enough to initiate play. Most of our toddler friends have reached this level of trust and self confidence with us. It’s absolutely heartwarming.

I know the real reason you check out my updates is to see these cuties. Enjoy the pictures ?

Sometimes great moms think alike!! Spaghetti and green beans anyone?

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