February 22, 2015


This cold weather had us inside all week, but that didn’t slow anybody down, Henry is climbing up and down the stairs. Sweet Bradley has found it in his heart to share his favorite truck with Lula Grey. I don’t think he was too happy about the situation, but he patiently waited until she lost interest before getting the truck again.

This week Lula Grey shared cantaloupe with the class. I used a melon ball scoop to serve the children. Perhaps, they took a few more bites just because the shape was different and fun. It was neat to serve them from the bumpy tan half cantaloupe at the table. The outside of the fruit does not resemble the inside flesh in color or texture, which peaked their interest even more.  Ryan shared strawberries, which are always a hit. Thank you for your contributions.

We have a fundraiser coming up, and our class needs to make a project to auction off. If any of our parents have a special skill or idea to contribute, I would be interested to hear it. I have been searching the web and have a few cute ideas.

This weekend I attended seminars at the MEPI Conference in North Litchfield. It was a great opportunity to connect with other Montessori professionals from around the world. There is always an abundant exchange of ideas and some collaborative brainstorming regarding new works, and new approaches to presenting different skills. My mind is swarming with new ideas.

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