February 8, 2015



This past week was full of fun moments and the most enjoyable community snacks. The children were trying new foods all week. We have been careful to mark anything new we have offered on the children’s daily reports. This week avocados, black raspberries, and blueberries seemed to be the children’s favorites. I plan to move forward with this lesson, with your assistance. If you prefer for your child not to participate please just let us know.  It has been a huge success with some of our pickier eaters.

We are noticing quite a lot of interactive play lately. The children love their classmates. They are playing hide and seek and tag in the classroom. It just makes me smile to see them enjoy being together.

This morning we welcome baby Hudson. We are all so very excited.

If your child will be attending school on February 16, I will need to know by tomorrow morning in order to staff accordingly.

Have a wonderful week.








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