Happy Fourth of July




Happy Fourth of July to each of you. I hope you are enjoying this nice long weekend.

This week has been fun for our staff and the children. The Midway Fire Department visited on Tuesday. We took our class outside to enjoy watching the older children play in the water. The fine mist of water in the air made for a fun sensorial experience, while keeping the smaller children cool. It was amusing to see our oldest student, Lula Grey, was the most apprehensive.  We just loved on her a bit more and she ultimately decided the fire truck was okay.

The children really enjoyed playing with the water table this week, and one day I added a little baby wash to it just for fun. Lula Grey and Conrad were delighted by the bubbles.

The smaller children are so interested in each other. The smile and laugh when they make eye contact. They wriggle, roll, and scoot to be closer to one another.

Just a quick reminder, please send in pictures of your immediate family and pets, if you have not already. I will make each child a family book. Please don’t send pictures you are worried about losing. These books are so much fun for the children, but the pictures will be loved, chewed and drooled upon. Laminating the pictures helps, but they still look a bit worn by the time the children move up to Toddler I. As they get older the children begin to share their books with their friends, and carry their books around the room.

The fun is just about to begin, as welcome Chase to our community on Monday. I can hardly wait!



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