Happy New Year! January 6-10 2014

After a nice long Winter Break, everyone was ready and excited to be back to school. We had a very strong Arctic front that caused  two days of delays, chapped lips, and shorten fresh air breaks!  We did, however, have a very productive week in our classroom.

We began our week with learning about solid, liquids, and gases. With the freezing temperatures outside, we were able to conduct our experiment with putting water filled ice trays outside overnight. In the morning, the students were able to see and touch water in it’s solid form.

Speaking of freezing cold, we began our annual study of the Arctic and Antarctica.  We are learning everything there is to know about the  North and South Poles: ice covered continent vs ocean that is frozen, ice sheets, ice shelves, icebergs, inhabitants, explorers, and the amazing animals who live there.  Penguins, especially Emperor Penguins, are always a favorite topic of discussions and work!

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