Happy Thanksgiving



I want to wish all of our families a happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for the time and effort you made to help with our Thanksgiving Celebration. This was the first time we have ever invited our parents join us in our infant classroom for a meal. It is a wonderful memory and I think it also gave you a glimpse into our lunchtime routine. The children are accustomed to eating at 11:00 or 11:15. I think they were exceptionally patient considering lunch was a bit later and all the excitement and laughter in the halls.

The separation for the older toddlers was a little more difficult than for our younger infants. I was impressed how quickly they refocused. Separation is difficult for the parents and the toddlers, and we asked you to do it twice yesterday. I know it is hard to do.

A special thank you is due to Brittany Gardner, Tripp’s mom. She offered to be our class mom this year, and I am grateful. She organized our contribution to the feast and brought a Turkey and rolls, and also made a side dish for her daughter’s class.

Well, the most fun part of the day was getting to see how the children reacted to the new foods and having a chance to try the same foods as their friends. Elijah perhaps was the most fun to watch. At first he seemed skeptical, but later he had both hands in the sweet potatoes. I’m sure he probably went home yesterday with potatoes behind his ears. Vaile was eating big girl food with her parents, while Tripp decided he wasn’t quite ready. Chase enjoyed having his mother here to sit with him. It was truly a special treat.

Most importantly, I am grateful for you and your families. I want to thank you for choosing Montessori for your children, and I want to thank you for choosing my classroom. I love the time I get to spend with your children.

Thank you,

Ms. Leigh

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Look all three of our “little guys” made it to the community table!

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