January 30, 2015

When we talk about toddler development, we often speak of a language explosion. That is what is going on in our classroom lately. We hear new words everyday, and our toddlers who have been walking for a little while are now showing affection. Both of these milestones are so much fun, both for you as parents and us as caregivers.

Our language lessons continue to include our pet animals and the sounds they make. We are slowly adding some of the farm animals as the children are ready. We are also continuing with our color lessons, and family identification books.

Our circle time has increased by a couple songs, which also marks the children’s longer attention spans. We sing an introduction song to help them learn each other’s names; this song also signals everyone to come join our circle. They are staring to participate with the finger play songs, and are also trying to sing along with the alphabet song. Talan will get in the middle of the circle and dance to the alphabet nearly everyday. We also count to ten, and the older children are starting to count along. It might not always be right, but we let them try just the same. We are not correcting them at this time, to help build their confidence. After repeating the same song and counting they will pick it up correctly at some point, and they are far too young to expect perfection. We are so pleased that they are self confident enough to participate.

Our community snack has been a huge success this week! Thank you for helping me with this project. I brought in strawberries on Monday, Lula Grey brought in blueberries, and Conrad brought in Mangos on Wednesday. Some of the children who had never tried some of these fruits now devour them ravenously. I love it! Thank you for sharing your children with us, and supporting our lessons.






Needless to say the children loved the bubbles Monday afternoon. Henry probably enjoyed them the most.




The children helped me clean up the laundry on Friday morning.







This was simply too cute not to share.




I love Dominic’s sweet smile.

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