July 25, 2015



I was so happy to be home this week. It is wonderful to come home not only miss your work, but to feel missed. Chase greeted me with a smile and a quick hug, while Lula Grey screamed “hey!” Then she ran over and hugged my legs. Miles, Elijah and Tripp always greet me with smiles, and our newest friend, Ryan even laid on my lap and cuddled with me. Conrad tends to be more reserved in his affection, but came up behind me and hugged my back. Our staff is amazing, and everything was just as it would have been if I been here.

I had the privilege to see a few big changes this week. I saw a picture of our friend Tripp rolling over for the first time! I saw Elijah initiate a social interaction with another student. I saw Miles crawl across the room in a flash! I thought I was going to see Ryan walk across the room, but he only showed me two steps. Thursday and Friday Chase participated in every song during circle time. Conrad did what looked like a hip hop routine to The Alphabet Song.


One test of the correctness of educational procedure is the happiness of the child.

Maria Montessori


Lula Grey can reach just about everything in my classroom, and told me that my phone was broken. (On that note, please pardon any missed messages this week.)

If your need to reach me this week, or ever do not get a response from me, please call the school office at (843) 237-9015.

It is good to be home.

Ms. Leigh




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