June 12, 2015


The infants are busy figuring out how to move. Each week I can see as they get more coordinated, and their movements are smoother. Miles and Elijah are rolling over. Miles is digging toys out of baskets after he’s moved himself across the rug. I just want to slow them down! We need to enjoy each and every triumph and not rush the next. This period of time is so short, and our society tends to rush it. By not rushing the children, we allow them to develop their gross motor skills naturally. Children that are not propped into sitting positions or placed in walkers and bouncers, achieve milestones when their necks and backs are strong. Children learn correct posture, and not to slouch. They also learn about gravity and balance.

Our toddlers are learning about colors. Each week I am reintroducing a color. We have recently worked on red and blue. This week we will work on yellow. They love painting and coloring. It is humorous to me that neither Conrad nor Lula Grey seem to enjoy finger painting. Both of them prefer to use a paint brush, which actually requires a more highly developed ability of hand and eye coordination.

We are also working on other language skills, especially naming parts of the body. “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” and “Ring around the Rosie” have become new favorite songs. Even the younger infants enjoy our circle time. Tripp is full of smiles and squeals. Lula Grey and Conrad have laid down next to him during circle time to share in his fun.

I hope you enjoy the sweet pictures from this week.


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