June 5, 2015



It is wonderful to see the smaller infants recognizing us in the morning. It reminds me that this is not my classroom, but the children’s classroom. Everything in this room is here for them, including our staff. We want the babies to be comfortable, secure, and confident in our care. Parents and teachers need to work as a team to insure the best care for the children. As we move through the next few milestones, please be sure to communicate any concerns you may have. I am happy to help.

My favorite language work requires our parents to supply pictures of their immediate family, and pets. Please select pictures of only one person or pet. Please label each picture with the person’s or pet’s name on the back. I will create a personal family book for each child. The children love this activity, and they love to share their books with their classmates.


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Lula Grey’s new work.


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