March 15, 2016


The great weather and mild temperatures have allowed us to get outside every day this week. Please remember to apply sunscreen and bug spray each morning before school. You are welcome to send in an extra bottle of sunscreen and we can reapply if needed in the afternoon.

Things are busy around here. We worked on the color green this week in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Vaile is enjoying being her friends at the community table for lunch. Tripp has taken 10 steps at a time, Miles loves the cowboy hat, and Ryan is starting to sweep the floors with me. Wesley is about to roll over and there is just no stopping Rockne from wherever he wants to go. Elijah tells us lengthy stories. I can’t wait to figure out what exactly is on his mind. Every day there is something new to witness. Our class is kind, fun, silly, and exceptionally caring towards one another. Miles will get a pacifier for Rockne if he’s lost it along the way. Ryan just wants to lie in our arms and cuddle. Tripp gives the biggest hugs I have ever known. Elijah sings silly songs with me, and Wesley is full of great ideas. Rockne always greets everyone with a smile, and Vaile is crawling around the room after me. I thank each of you for sharing your children with us. I can’t imagine my days any other way.


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