March 20, 2015





Saint Patrick’s Day lead to an introduction of the color green. The children colored, painted, and tried to use a green pepper as a stamp to make four leaf clovers. I introduced a couple new works this week, and was astonished at their ability to focus. The new works encourage language development and eye-hand coordination.  To the young child work is fun, and it is not associated with our adult connotation of the word. The child is working on himself, developing his gross motor skills, cognitive abilities, social emotional development, fine motor skills, and language.  These areas of development help the children to gain a sense of independence and develop self-confidence.   I can mention I am going to get a new work and two or three children will smile and run over to the center of the language rug, promptly sit on their bottoms, and wait for me to appear with a tray in my hands.

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We need to say a special thank you to Mr. Cory Roberts and our Primary teacher Ms. Kayla for bringing our class the wonderful tube to explore. It has been so much fun this week!

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