March 2013

Our infant classroom has developed into a wonderful community of young toddlers and recently mobile infants. We are watching as children are developing relationships with their caregivers as well as their peers.

Our infant curriculum fosters language development, body care, self-respect, respect and trust in others.   This environment is designed to encourage physical and cognitive development through free movement and free choice.

As we welcome spring, our children have so many sensorial experiences, the sand and water table, blowing bubbles, and even just enjoying the warm sun as they play on our deck. We have a bird feeder that provides entertainment daily. We are planting this week, which is also a sensorial experience. Learning to care for plants and our environment is a continuous theme. We even have toddlers helping us dust and sweep. It seems silly, but as they see us care for the classroom, they naturally imitate adults. What seems like work to the adult is not to the child; as children work they feel as though they are valuable and work is worthwhile.IMG_0135                     bodie

outdoor play!
outdoor play!

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