March 30, 2015


Our garden is going to be magnificent this year. Your children are the biggest helpers. They can dig in the dirt and water the plants. Needless to say, they will be getting dirty in the next few months. We have planted a couple herb gardens on our deck. The herbs not only are tasty, but most of them serve as mosquito deterrents.

Please be sure we have extra clothes to get wet and dirty in the warmer months. We are going to make the best of our beautiful weather this spring and have a lot of fun.

Most importantly please be sure to apply sunscreen in the morning before coming to school. We are happy to reapply as needed. Please apply bug spray if you like and send it along if you would like us to reapply as well. There is a form in the office that grants us permission to reapply bug spray and sunscreen,

Today we welcome Baby Miles. The whole class is excited. They get an opportunity to be big brothers and sisters to a tiny baby. It is amazing to watch these babies nurture another smaller baby. It is a gift of the Montessori classroom community. They learn to use gentle hands, and empathy.

This weekend is Easter already! I have all of your children signed up for care next week. I truly appreciate your cooperation in getting the schedule together in a timely manner. It makes staffing much easier.

I hope you enjoy our pictures from this week.


Ms. Leigh

We began planting our garden this week. My students are older than they have been in the past couple years. They were so helpful!  13 12 11   7 6 51


The children discovered a basket of varying textured fabrics. They loved the different feels, and it was as if they just discovered our classroom mirror again. Indeed, this was a silly afternoon. 15



18 19



I have begun to introduce opposites. This week I presented a tap light. The children loved being able to turn it on and off themselves.22 21


I introduced snow peas to Henry and Liam on Friday. They both loved the coolness of the pod on their gums.



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