March 7, 2014

I don’t know if I have ever heard so many giggles and squeals in my life. Our class has developed a community that is caring and funny. The children play and chase each other, they chuckle and grin. This room has been filled with a little bit of silliness. This week might have been cold and rainy, but our class seemed not to notice. We used our napping room as a play space a couple mornings. They climbed on gross motor equipment and rode bikes inside. They discovered works and objects in our environment they haven’t been aware of previously. Christian is enchanted with cause and effect, as he learned to turn the push light on and off. I have added a few new color and fine motor works this week, which Stella thoroughly enjoyed. Hopefully the sunshine will return soon. Have a wonderful weekend.

Don’t forget to ask your children about our new silly visitor, or simply point out a squirrel. You are bound to see a smile.

new color work 3-6-2014

New sorting and color work for Stella.

Declan 3-5

Declan is rolling all over the room and playing with his sweet toes!


Christian 3-6

Christian has learned to turn the light on and off.

Alex 3-3

This is our superstar, Alex.


3-5 girls 2014

The girls are hanging out.



Stella is caring for the baby dolls.

squirel 3-14

This is one of our new pets. The children love when he comes to visit!


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