March 7, 2015




I am always thankful for the precious moments we share with our class friends. This week we enjoyed some beautiful weather and some great sensory experiences.

The beautiful weather allowed us to enjoy morning snack and lunch on the porch a few times this week. The children enjoyed the wind blowing through their hair, the water in the water table, and the sand in the sand table. They hurried in and out of the playhouse, opening and closing the door, and ringing the doorbell. Liam even invited me inside for a chat.

Besides the extra time we spent outdoors this week, we spent more time working on our language lessons. The children know the words cat, dog, fish, bird, and of course, squirrel. Most all of them can say squirrel, but you may not recognize it. Most of the children can say cat, dog, bird, and fish, too. We are working on the animal sounds as well. We are practicing our cat, dog and bird sounds. We just started working on some fish faces, Ryan and Bradley actually can make fish faces already!

If you have not signed up for a conference, please do so. The schedule is in the lobby. If there is not a suitable time, we can certainly schedule a phone conference. I look forward to meeting with all of our parents. Have a great weekend.

Ms. Leigh

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