May 15, 2016

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I applaud all of you as parents. It isn’t easy to get up in the middle of the night, pack healthy lunches, wash bottles, work outside the home, and be emotionally available for your child. You make it look easy, and I know undoubtedly it’s not. This period of your child’s life passes so quickly. Enjoy each moment. Walk with your toddlers and let them explore the outdoors with you following along. They will feel secure with your presence and it will be a wonderful time you both will look forward to daily. In a couple of my Montessori seminars we discussed small children’s need to walk. They are developing sensory integration, confidence, gross motor skills, strengthening their trust in you, and exploring nature. Walking is purposeful movement. Each walk I take with my children I learn more about them, their day, whom they sat with during lunch, and their struggles and triumphs. I hear about the little things that would simply be overlooked in the daily routine of cooking dinner, homework, and getting ready for bed. It seems simple to go for a walk with your child, but it is the most valuable lesson I’ve learned.



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