May 17, 2015


This an amazing time of the year. It is this transition time that I get particularly sentimental. It is never more unmistakable how many milestones a child has attained as when a new infant joins our classroom community. This is the point when it is evident the older students in our class are toddlers. They are ready for the next classroom with new challenges, and new friends.

It has been so much fun introducing them to our new little friends. In the last two weeks both Elijah and Tripp have joined our community.

The toddlers helped water the garden, sweep the deck, put their work away, push in their chairs, and help dust. All of these tasks teach the children to care for their environment, and living things, two Montessori lessons.

We were lucky that Ana didn’t linger any longer, so the children had plenty of outdoor time this week. They tasted the herb garden, and looked for strawberries. The lavender is just about to bloom again and the children can just barley reach the blossoms.

The biggest announcement of the week is that Ms. Rachel Rucker completed her Montessori Certification. She graduated this morning. Please take a moment to congratulate her. It is a lot of hard work and dedication, long hours of work and travel.












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