October 16, 2015

Next week is parent teacher conferences. I am available before drop off, each morning with a 7:15 conference time, and each afternoon at 2:45. Please let me know if there is a morning or afternoon that works with your schedule. If this schedule doesn’t work for your family please let me know, and we will schedule a time that does work well.

Miles and Elijah have moved to the community table. They are so proud of themselves. They wave at each other with big grins, and say “hey.” It really warms our hearts to see them so excited to be there together.

Sweet Baby Vaile has joined our class. The boys are so curious and trying to gently love on her. She has a way of flashing a sweet smile and those blue eyes that just captivates everyone.

Tripp got himself to the color shelf this week and started to pull himself up. Oh my, how much faster he has gotten in just the past week. I love it!

Ryan and Chase’s biggest event this week was our visits from Middle Child Photography. Both of the children loved having their pictures taken, and I cannot wait to see the pictures. Ryan thought he was Miss Crystal’s, and Mr. Kip Beech’s assistant. Ryan moved the photography equipment and lighting around the room saying, “Cheese.”

All day, every day this week, I’ve been hearing new words form the children. This class just makes me smile.


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