Primary 3 February 17-28 2014

Last week, our class learned about the lives and presidencies of both  George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Our artwork of the week was painting the fence on our patio. Everyone had fun choosing colors and creating designs and patterns for the fence that encloses our outdoor work environment. On Friday, our school hosted as a tour site for teachers at  the annual MEPI Hands for Peace Conference. There were approximately 40 teachers and MEPI representatives who toured our school and observed in our classrooms. All of the teachers and our director attended classes at the MEPI conference on Friday and Saturday at Litchfield Golf and Beach Resort.

photo 4 photo (5) photo (4) photo (3) photo (2) Dino FossilsThis week, we dove deeply into the study of reptiles and dinosaurs. All of our  students love learning about these amazing prehistoric creatures! We had a great time creating “dinosaur skeletons, dinosaur fossils, and dino eggs.

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