Primary 3 January 13-16, 2013

Our class has had a wonderful week of discoveries, experiments, and mapmaking! We  expanded our study of the polar regions and have worked on learning everything there is to know about the super cold areas of our world.

We have begun to study and learn about the different  mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles,  and fish that inhabit all seven continents. This will be a month long unit that will expand into an  in depth study of  vertebrates in the animal kingdom.

A “rock climbing hill” play structure was added to our outdoor environment. It is a wonderful way for our children to develop their gross motor skills and have a lot of fun.  After checking our winter garden this week, we discovered that our broccoli, cauliflower, and  cabbage are flourishing! This is exciting to us,  since we will be harvesting some of the vegetables to prepare a dish for our Chinese New Year Celebration!

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