Primary 3 March 9-13 2015

Happy Friday ! Primary 3 has been busy with geology lessons this week. We are exploring inner earth and the result of magma rising and escaping through the cracks in earth’s crust: volcanoes!! We are learning  about the composition, state, density, and temperature of earth’s inner layers. It is very exciting to learn that it is the magma from the mantle can leak through earth’s crust and can cause a volcanic eruption. That magma is then expelled as (very hot!) lava. Another interesting fact is that the majority of volcanoes are found under the sea and can create islands. We are so lucky that we are not located near the “ring of fire”, where the majority of volcanoes are found! We have been discussing the 1980 eruption of Mt St Helens and we have learned about extinct , dormant, and active volcanos. We will continue our geological research in the weeks to come. The favorite works of the week were: The nomenclature and the models for both inner earth and volcanoes and creating models of inner earth ( 2nd & 3rd years) .FullSizeRender (66) FullSizeRender (65) FullSizeRender (64) FullSizeRender (63) IMG_7289 (1)

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