Primary 3 May 11-15 2015

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  We had a beautiful week of work and outdoor exploration. Fortunately, Tropical Storm Ana had moved out of our area by Monday. We revisited our weather talks of precipitation and tropical storms and hurricanes. The warm sunshine enabled us to explore our outdoor environment on a daily basis. Some of our fascinating finds were multitudes of arachnids, caterpillars, worms, butterflies, rolypolys, and a vole.
   Our special unit of study for this week and next week is Ancient Egypt. This early civilization is fascinating even for 3 to 6 year olds. For your next vacation you might be asked to travel to Egypt, on the continent of Africa, to visit the Pyramid of Giza, that was believed to be the tomb of a pharaoh!
    Primary 3 students were proud to host visits from some of the students from Ms. Kaye’s class who will be transitioning into Primary in August. It was very nice having them and wonderful for our student teachers who were thrilled to share their class and what they have learned.

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