Primary 3 November 4-8 2013

Numerals and Counters
Numerals and Counters


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photo (76)photo (78) Transferring with a spoon
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Number Rods

During first week of November, Primary 3 studied bats. Our students learned that they are actually shy and gentle creatures that many stories have falsely portrayed as “scary” or “evil”. These are some important bat facts that we learned: they are the only mammal that flies, bats are nocturnal, there are microbats( insect eaters), macrobats (fruit eating), animal eating bats, and vampire bats (who do not attack humans). We also learned that bat wings are actually fingers connected by a thin skin called a membrane. There are so many interesting and fascinating things to learn about bats. Bats are always a favorite topic of discussion in our class and we revisit this study annually.

We also worked on learning about our five senses, and how they help us to be aware, communicate, and enjoy our environment. On Friday, we officially began our unit on the Pilgrims. We have started with their life in England and Holland, discussing why they were unhappy and ultimately  decided to cross the Atlantic Ocean to start a new life in the “New World”.

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