Primary 3 Sept. 30- Oct. 1 2013 “I Wonder What’s Out There?”

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Fire Gear
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Our Class!

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October is a very exciting time in in Primary 3, due to the fact that it is the month that we explore The Cosmos. During this week our focus has been our star, the sun, constellations, and meteors. Our students have begun taking turns bringing home our “star bag”. This gives each student the opportunity  to observe the night sky with their families, then report their findings to their classmates on the next school.

Our beautiful hens have been laying eggs, to our delight, beautifully colored  Easter eggs! Mr. Cauthen has added a “yard” for our chickens and rabbits to have more movement. It is a wonderful habitat for our Montessori chickens and rabbits.

On Thursday we had our local Midway Fire Department visit our school. They talked to our students about fire safety and gave them a tour of their fire fighting vehicles. We let them know how much we appreciate them, and we are proud that they helped with the fire on Front Street in Georgetown last week!

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