Primary 3 “The Land Before” Time March 4-7

During the past week, we continued our study of dinosaurs. We learned about the early dinosaurs that inhabited the seas and the  dinosaurs that lived roamed the earth during the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods of the Mesozoic Era.  Many of our students have decided that they would like to be paleontologists ! They would like to dig for, and find undiscovered  dinosaur fossils. From there, they would try to figure out what that dinosaur actually looked like and how it behaved.

On Tuesday, we celebrated Mardi Gras by making Mardi Gras necklaces and making our own King Cake, complete with a  “baby” baked inside. Kaiden was the lucky child who found the baby in her piece of king cake. According to tradition, she will need to bring the king cake next year.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we had groups of children attend “Swim and Gym” class at the Healthpoint. It was enjoyed by all and was definitely the highlight of our rainy week!

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