Primary 3 Update March 31-April 4 2014

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Outdoor Work Environment
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Movable Alphabet
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Decimal Layout
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Inner Earth Nomenclature
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Seed Planting
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Physical Education
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Planting a Dogwood Tree

We really had a wonderful week! Springtime has finally arrived. We officially reopened our outdoor classroom on our patio. It was so nice to be able to work and play without jackets.  We planted herbs and flowers in our earth boxes, planted a dogwood tree, and planted grass seeds in our springtime baskets. Everyone got together to weed and water our large garden boxes. Lunchtime has been lovely since it has been warm and sunny enough to eat on our tables under the shady trees. We concluded our look at the weather by learning about severe weather phenomena like tornadoes, hurricaines, floods, and blizzards.

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