Primary 3 Update May 5-9 2014

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     Dollar Board
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Mother’s Day Celebration
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Mother’s Day Celbration
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Mother’s Day Celebration
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Mother’s Day Celebration
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Mother’s Day Celebration
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Butterfly Nomenclature  
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Happy Morning Crew!

We had an amazing week learning all there is to know about butterflies and moths and observing our painted lady larva as they eat, grow, molt and spin silk . Our students are eagerly watching and waiting for the caterpillars to turn into their chrysalis’s and ultimately complete their metamorphosis and change in to butterflies. Our observations were not limited to the classroom. We found many caterpillars in our outdoor environment, including one that mimics a twig to protect itself from enemies.

On Friday morning, we honored our wonderful Mothers with a celebration that included a yummy snack, song, silhouettes, and handmade gifts. It was a lovely time spent with these awesome Moms that we love and appreciate so much!


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