Primary 3 Weather Watcher March 24-28

photo 1 (15) photo 2 (17) photo 3 (11)photo 3 (9) photo 2 (16) photo 1 (13) photo 1 (12) photo 4 (7) Our class has had an exciting and busy week! Our focal point has been the weather. We started  our study with the water cycle.  From the water cycle we explored different kinds of clouds, how they form, and all forms  of precipitation. Everyone enjoyed making their own “cloud work”. On Friday, we did two experiments that brought to life our cloud studies. We made our own “cloud in a jar” and  had a great time making a cloud actually rain! In addition to clouds and precipitation, we learned about  kinds of severe weather: thunderstorms, tornadoes,  hurricanes, and blizzards On Thursday, most of our second and third year students traveled to Myrtle Beach to attend The Coastal Youth Ballet’s performance of “Cinderella”. It was a wonderful performance and we really enjoyed it! On Friday, our first year students and some of our second year students ,went to Waccamaw Elementary School to watch the first grade performance of a musical called “Tweet”. It was so much fun. The children loved it!

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