Primary Update May 12-30 2014

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i Knobless Cylinders
Washing Dishes
Washing Dishes
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Strawberry Picking at Thompson Farm
Corn Box at Thompson Farm
Corn Box at Thompson Farm
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Butterfly Release
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Painting Our Playground
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Pizza Day
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Friends Forever
photo 5 (16)
Friends Forever
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Cool Caterpillar
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Thompson Farm
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Painted Lady Set Free
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Bubble Mania
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Class at Thompson Farm

In our final weeks of school we’ve been studying insects, amphibians, fish , mammals and birds.  During our amphibian unit we examined tadpoles frogs and toads and learned about their amazing transformation from a gill breathing, fish like animal,to a four legged, lung breathing animal that spends most, if not all of their time on land. During our study of fish, we learned how these cold blooded, gill breathing creatures are born, eat, swim, reproduce, hide, etc. Our focus in this unit was the amazing shark! The favorite living creature unit this month was the butterfly. Everyone was busy finding caterpillars in our outdoor environment! In our classroom we cultivated Painted Lady Butterfly larva. We measured their growth, watched them eat, grow, molt, and turn into a chrysalis’s.  On May 20th, our butterflies completed their metamorphosis.  Six Painted Ladies came out of their cases, pumped their wings and tasted nectar with their proboscis’s for the very first time. We released our adult butterflies on a beautiful clear morning on our large field. We waved goodbye as each took flight.

Our final chapters of interest are mammals and birds. Everyone was intrigued  that we are not just mammals but  are placental primates as well! Our Kindergartners had a wonderful time visiting Thompson Farm and not only watching  some awesome mammals, but hand feeding goats, cows, bulls, and bison. During this final week of school, we will learn about our feathered friends who enjoy eating our lunch leftovers, give us eggs, and can inhabit all seven continents including Antarctica.

A special congratulations goes out to our Kindergarten class who will be graduating this week  and moving on to elementary in the fall  to continue their Montessori education. May everyone have a safe and wonderful summer!

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