After School Care

Afternoon Care is offered for MSPI families through 5:30 PM daily. This time is an extension of the children’s Montessori experience in a more relaxed, homelike setting. Our trained, committed caregivers help the children establish an after school routine. The children build relationships with the teachers and each other, developing trust, confidence and communication skills. They prepare snacks, make crafts, explore the outdoors, play on the playground, throw or kick a ball around, listen to music – often singing and dancing along. You can find them curled up in the corner for a story, playing a game, or working on a puzzle together. They share the afternoon’s chores and take ownership of their after school environment. Children can attend our Afternoon Care regularly from 1 – 5 days per week. And as long as there is space, we are happy to have children drop in for an afternoon. The program is available for all ages.

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