September 20, 2013

Sensitive periods are a precise time when the child’s mind is open to learn a specific skill. Our classroom is designed to address the sensitive periods between 0 and 18 months. The children are starting to demonstrate their knowledge and it is amazing!

Our students are indicating a sense of order; beginning to choose and replace work on the shelves. They are eating lunches as a community. They are starting to care for the environment. Evan helps us wipe surfaces, and Hadley pushes in chairs.

The explosion of new vocabulary is so amusing. So often I look at Ms.Rachel in disbelief and ask if she heard a particular word. The children are starting to identify parts of the body. Some of them can repeat not only their own names but each other’s and identify pictures of classmates.

lunch9-20 2

Hadley 9-20

jackson 9-20

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