September 28, 2014

This past week has been miraculous. Our classroom has found a sense of community. Our newer students are starting to become more interested in their peers and the work around the room. This week, I introduced several new lessons, and the children were captivated.

We are fortunate to have our amazing staff. Without their support, none of these lessons could be carried out. They help foster the peacefulness in our environment, help the children build trust, help teach the children to care for themselves, instilling pride and independence, and they demonstrate care of environment and a sense of order.

Thank you Miss Rachel, Ms. Dolores, Ms. Shauna, Ms. Amy, and Ms. Kim. The students of our class are eternally grateful for your love.


Ms. Leigh

I hope you are in awe of your children’s pictures from this week.


Please send in pictures of your family and pets. This is the children’s favorite language lesson.



17 161819





Sam has found our herb garden.



4 5

This is a new fine motor, color sorting, language, and sensory work. Look how each child is drawn to the new work. Sam and Liam can hardly wait for their turns.

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Lula Grey figured how to open the door and get into the house with the big kids!



Lula Grey finally got herself outside with ease. She’s so very proud of herself.



Talan is walking and pushing a bike.



Dominic loves looking in and out of the windows of the house on our deck.


Everyday we get to see these amazing smiles.



Liam loves our new sensory work.

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