September 7, 2014

Our class enjoyed being outside again this week. The temperatures have been a bit cooler and we have spent more time enjoying the sand table and the sensorial experiences of being outdoors. Our little friends seem to love the light breezes and our older children are experimenting with their vestibular senses. I have seen Alex trying to ride the bikes. He has even gotten one leg over the top and can push himself backwards, while Alaina is practicing circus tricks.

Our community table and circle time is when the sense of community nurtured. The children love singing songs in the morning. We sing a welcome song to help the children learn each other’s names, a song to learn parts of the body, and everyone’s favorite “If You’re Happy and You Know It.”

Our favorite language work requires our parents to supply pictures of their immediate family, and pets. Each picture is to have only one person or pet pictured, and labeled with the person or pet’s name. I will turn these pictures into a personal family book. The children love this activity, and they love to share their books with their classmates.

I hope you enjoy our pictures from this week.



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