Myriam Azgour

Born in France, Myriam has two Montessori licenses from NAMC, Infant, Toddler and Two’s Programs, and Primary ages three to six. She also has a Bachelor of Science in Alternative Medicine. Myriam taught Primary, was an Assistant Director and Director for 37 years before coming to MSPI, where she worked in the Infant, Toddler 1 and Toddler 2 programs. Two of her three grown children were Montessori educated from K-8th grade and three of her four grandchildren were Montessori educated in the country of North Macedonia. Myriam and her husband live in Pawleys Island with their 16 year old Lab and three year old “wild child”, a six-toed Hemingway cat. She enjoys many types of sports, traveling, and crafting.

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